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SnowScoot Russia

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Цена:100 000 RUB

Модель: X-LITE
Рама: алюминий 7005
Цвет: желтый, красный, черный, серый, зеленый, голубой
Вилка: алюминий 7005
Рулевая колонка: интегрированная

Complete snowscoot XLITE 2024
67.5 degrees steering angle
Frame and fork 100% reinforced 7005 aluminum for better frame dynamics
Wider and lighter frame with an angled crossbar for more flexibility and better support with feet together
2024 fork with lighter 450 mm aluminum pivot and new plate offering more adjustment.
Lightweight 6060 aluminum handlebar 72 mm
Rubber grips with anti-rotation screws
carving kit as standard (30/20 in 70)
Integrated non-slip FAKIR plate with multiple screws Possibility of riding without footstrap
Semi-rigid unremovable footstrap
approved leash
spectacular weight 9.3 kilos with skates, carving kit, leash and footstrap
Delivered with the SERIE 2024 boards

Technical characteristics of the SERIE2024 boards:
High quality TPU topsheet made in France 600g bi-axial fiberglass
Laminated aspen wood core
Carbon beams from Japan
Sintered sole made in the United States
Shape Snowscootdoc SERIES 2024

Front skate length 62cm useful width 27cm
Rear skate length 98cm useful width 27cm
Constant radius 8.25 meters 

Производитель: Insane Toys Snowscoot

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Срок поставки: Месяц
Вес: 9.3 кг.
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