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How it all begann - Mag. Jacek Stalmach:

In the winter of 1978 my father gave me a skibob from the firm “Fritzmeyer.” In the same winter I won almost all the National Skibob races in the junior class. In the international races I found that my equipment could not be compared with the equipment of the top skiers.

Even with my talent and with my hard training I was not able to overcome the deficit caused by my poor equipment. So I went to my small workshop at home and built my first skibike and the equipment I needed. As we did not have a car, I had to walk, carrying my ski bob and all my equipment (about 40 kg) 20 minutes to the bus stop. After an hour’s bus ride I had another hour’s walk to the ski lift.

So it was that I developed and modernised my own ski bob. I learned from experience how to improve my ski bob. Every new Idea that I got I tried out in my workshop.

Thanks to my hard training and my improved equipment I was, at last, able to fulfil my dream, in the winter of 1995 I became a triple World Champion in Skibob. Slalom, Super ski and Combination. In the Giant Slalom I became Vice-champion.

A year later I was able to defend my World Champion position successfully in the Slalom. In the Giant Slalom and in the combination I won the title of Vice-champion.

In my 18 Years in the World cup circus and with my 4 World Cup titles I gained invaluable experience.

All this experience I have used to develop and
produce the STALMACH Skibikes.

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