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DCADE Snowscoot


Snowscoot Canada was the first to introduce snowscoots in North America in the late nineteen nineties. This was done in the province of Quebec, America’s snowscoot capital.

Snowscoot Canada greatly contributed to this sport’s development by getting its practice approved in many ski resorts across Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire and many other mountains in America and by organizing the first snowscoot competitions, including the first World Cup on American soil (Suton, 2010).

In 2008, after importing snowscoots from Europe and Japan for almost a decade and having contributed to some technical improvements for the European manufacturer, Snowscoot Canada decided to set up Dcade, as in ‘decade’. Also named after a very difficult figure to achieve on a BMX bike, which was successfully carried out on a Dcade snowscoot afterwards. Dcade became the first Canadian snowscoot manufacturer offering frames and boards designed in Quebec, Canada.

The snowscoot originated in France and being a blend between a BMX bike and a snowboard, it is very easy to learn how to glide down the slopes with it. Extreme sport or family outing, snowscoot is practiced by passionate individuals of all ages. High performance snow scooter with great manoeuvrability, it’s as easy to use gliding down slopes or off trails and is perfectly adapted to all the different chair lifts.










Nothing compares to the rush of riding your snowscoot!!! Whether you’re alone or amongst friends, gripping the handlebars on the slopes gives you a feeling of freedom, pleasure and joy that no other gliding sport can provide.

Enjoyed by riders of all ages who come from a variety of disciplines (BMX, downhille bikes and motocross) or other downhill winter sports, snowscoot changes the way you see and approach the mountains. Our priority is to offer high quality and performance products at competitive prices. Designed here in Quebec, Canada, our products are high-end and our expertise comes from over 10 years of trials and testing with the help of many passionate riders.

Our goal is to offer frames and boards for different types of riders and playgrounds in order to fit everyone with a model adapted to their own needs. Furthermore, Snowscoot wants to promote the sport on the regional, national and international scenes by supporting different organizations, sporting events and riders to foster continued growth and development of this healthy and evolving sport.