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TheMetalWorx SNOWMOTO that belong to the category called "bicycle snow" "snow bike", "Snow BMX", is that a lot of attention as soon as it is published in the U.S. in 2004, is known as one of the winter gear in the blink of an eye made. Users a wide range of ages, and is supported by a wide range of age groups from children to adults. Like a bicycle fitted with two boards instead of the tire, of course, appearance is the person who will enjoy MTB, BMX, motor cycle and in recent years has become the second item of skiers and snowboarders.
TheMetalWorx SNOWMOTO ride is very easy, it is a vehicle to enjoy the day playing in snow gear with the number. Turn handle operation and can move a little weight, while I slide the Riabodo is possible. We will also be able to work carving turns in which the side edge and improve. In addition, there is no air like a dream in BMX Park. Operability and stability that allows the free-running at a high speed, riding most comprehensive and non-burn area compacted snow compacted snow. Now, this winter should indulged in SNOWMOTO!


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