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Eretic Snowscooter

Цена:25 000 RUB
Старая цена <30 000 RUB

The Eretic Snowscoot is developed by scootering legend Kevin Demay. Built with as many references as possible to a regular stunt scooter - Though modified to suit riding in the snow. With a weight of only 4.9kg you will have no problem transferring your scooter skills to the Eretic Snowscoot.

All materials are chosen very wisely and also draws on the experience of the whole Eretic team. 6061 T6 aluminium and 4130 heat treated Chrome steel.

The deck is covered in a super grippy textured material. The pivotal fork helps absorb the contours of the mountain and helps ensure a much smoother ride than other snow scooters on the market.

It comes with a leash that attaches to the bar - So it won't continue down the mountain if you fall of.


Вес 4.9 кг
Производитель Ethic DTC
Назначение FreeStyle / Park
Материал Алюминий 6061 и CrMo 4130 (с термической обработкой T6)
Вилка Pivotal forksystem
Дека Длина/Ширина: 570/130 мм
Грипсы Lock-on Dual Eretic Grips
Рулевая Integrated 30.5x41.8x8 мм
Руль Внутренний/Внешний Диаметр: 32/35 мм, Высота/Ширина: 680/600 мм, CrMo 4130
Передняя доска Длина/Ширина: 360/150 мм
Задняя доска Длина/Ширина: 610/150 мм
Возможные цвета Черный
Производитель: Eretic
Срок поставки: Две недели
Вес: 5 кг.
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