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Цена:130 000 RUB

The Hymalaya is the culmination of our work; lighter yet still providing an excellent ride to enjoy a smooth and comfortable descent on any slope. Its cutting-edge design and masterful production guarantees a dream ride for all riders. The Hymalaya also has an aluminium frame, on which the front end includes RockShox suspension to more easily absorb any irregularities on the ground. The rear end design is unchanged and developed to provide the desired carving. Of course, the Wood Core skis need a special mention; manufactured exclusively for Artic, they provide the desired safety and reliability.

Технические Характеристики::

Вес: 12.5 кг
Рама: Aluminium 6061 T6
Передний амортизатор: Rockshox SEKTOR RL-16 140 мм
Педали: Оригинальный дизайн Artic
Руль: BMX 650 мм
Лыжи: Деревянный сердечник, Дерево + Фибергласс.
Страховочный ремешок: 2.5 метра
Возможные цвета: Оранжевый
Производитель: Artic Snow Bikes
Срок поставки: Две недели
Вес: 13 кг.
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